The day after…

Did your candidates win? Or lose? I got a taste of both, frankly.

This morning’s post from one of my new favorite blogger/tweeters is Michael Hyatt, the head honcho at Thomas Nelson Publishers. You know, the publishing house that most likely printed your Bible. The organization responsible for Women of Faith and all sorts of related devotionals, kids books, etc.

Read his post this morning about OUR new president:

I want to do my part. Therefore, starting today, I am publicly making four commitments to President-Elect Barack Obama:

  1. I will pray for him and our country. 
  2. I will assume his motives are good, giving him the benefit of the doubt. 
  3. I will not speak ill of him, even if I don’t always agree with him. 
  4. I will cast off the spirit of cynicism, and be a positive force for good.

Yesterday was a historic day. We can all be proud as Americans. Today, we begin a new future. It’s time to come together. I am ready for a united United States.

Good morning, my fellow Americans.

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