About tomorrow – Election Day

I’ve heard a few people boast that Nov. 4 is “Obama” Day. Others retort, “No! It’s McCain Day!”

You know what? It’s ELECTION DAY! Not overthrow day, not coup day, not anarchy day. ELECTION day.

Here’s my favorite definition:

The process whereby eligible persons vote to determine who will hold a political office. [top]

More than a few friends work for federal elected officials. Their lives will be directly impacted by tomorrow’s election. As will mine, and yours.

I cast my first presidential ballot for Ronald Reagan. I was excited and proud. Honored to do my civic duty. This election has been tough. I’ve been “undecided” for months. During that time, I’ve grown weary of sniping and predictions of dire consequences if one party or candidate wins over the other.

You know what? One party and one candidate WILL win over the other. And Wednesday morning we’ll all still be Americans. When the new president takes office in January, we’ll still be Americans. Oh my, what a beautiful day it will be – no matter who takes the oath of office. Friends, that peaceful transfer of power is what makes us Americans.

During 1992, I covered Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign – from his announcement to election night in Little Rock. I also covered the GOP convention in Houston that year. I won’t tell you who I voted for that year – out of pride for being an unbiased professional.

I won’t tell you who I voted for today – because I ask you to think before you cast a disparaging remark about EITHER candidate in my presence. Now and in the future.

We’ve had enough fear-mongering and whining, and selfish greed. Let’s all insist on integrity and a little selflessness. Let’s get to work – being Americans. 

On a related note…this Christian author – Don Miller – shook up the conservative Christian community this morning with a post explaining why he’s supporting one candidate over another. Read it for yourself and then peruse the Twitter comments from today. Our selection of a president is serious, sobering business. Let us treat the job – and each other – with respect.

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