It’s been awhile…

Since my last post at

I’ve been getting inquiries about the spare dog and am thankful to report that he is no longer a spare. The Chapmans, a couple I’ve known for about a year, met the spare dog and immediately fell for him. It seems to be a trend, doesn’t it?

Anyway, they have a friend – Jim – who is home most of the time. The Chapmans brought Jim over one evening and spare dog cuddled, played ball, and stole Jim’s heart.

I really think spare dog would have been pretty happy here with Principi and me, but he’d had a tough few months – maybe even a tough life. As much as he loves being around people, it just seemed fair that – given a choice – letting him live with someone home all the time is the best choice for him. Seems to me a 5 to 8 year old pooch deserves the very best, instead of just, “pretty happy.”

Jim was carrying spare dog as he walked out my front door. He turned to me and said, “I know it’s gonna break your heart when we walk out, but I thank you!”

You know what? It didn’t break my heart at all. Yes, I cried a little as I peeked out the window and watched them load up in the back seat of the Chapmans’ car, but I could tell – the two of them will be just fine.

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