NASCAR funny

dustinlong Ryan Newman on Edward’s last-lap move: “He was wide open until he saw God and then he hit the brakes and bounced it off the wall.” 

I saw this earlier today on twitter and it cracked me up. It’s only funny if you’re a NASCAR fan and watched Carl Edwards make a banzai move on the last lap and tried like hades to beat the 48 to the finish line at Kansas Sunday.

Carl dove deep into the corner and kept his foot in the gas. No WAY he could turn the car going that fast. He hit the wall, then stuck his foot back into the throttle and dove to the inside to make one last run at Jimmie Johnson.

That’s hilarous. Wide open til he saw God. 🙂

2 thoughts on “NASCAR funny

  1. That was a pretty brassy move. I think Johnson was saying, “Edwards – I raced with Dale Earnhardt. I knew Dale Earnhardt. Dale Earnhardt was a friend of mine. Edwards, you are no Dale Earnhardt.”

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