Attention blogosphere and all American society!

We should SHAME people like this IN PUBLIC!

According to the KHOU-TV report, Jacki has no damage to her home and she has power. The only thing that Jacki does not seem to have is a clue or a conscience.

I guess we should also be grateful that Jacki has taught the rest of us what type of individual we don’t want our fellow citizens, and most especially our children, to be. As a teacher, she’s also given us a teachable moment for what the entire emergency response, logistics and recovery teams have to be wary of: while they serve people who really need help — they have Jacki and her kind standing in line for their share too.

There has to be a word for people like this…

How about ‘Jackies’?

There must be a word for people like this& | Security Debrief – a blog of homeland security news and analysis


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