Big mac attack? Take a stinkin’ PILL!

So CNN tells the story about a Wisconsin man who not only counts the number of big macs he’s consumed in 36 years, he has the receipts to prove it.

AND he knows WHICH DAYS HE MISSED his two big macs per day AND why he missed them!

It gets better. He keeps at least 2 burgers in the freezer — more than that in the winter — in case of emergencies.

The guy blames Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Um, don’t they make a PILL for that??? Pfizer should hire this guy to pimp Zoloft.

Oh yeah. In 36 years, this guy has consumed 23,000 big macs. He walks 10 miles a day in order to maintain his relatively slim figure.

I thought I was a bit OCD because I only allow myself two left hand turns on Rogers Avenue in any one weekend.

Man eats 23,000 Big Macs in 36 years –

6 thoughts on “Big mac attack? Take a stinkin’ PILL!

  1. Signal or no signal. 2 left turns. Note it’s an EVEN number. Otherwise, it’d be REALLY difficult to get home.
    Come on, you guys have a little OCD too. Fess up.
    I’m matching M&M’s. 2 at a time in the mouth. Same colors. Random wouldn’t taste right…

  2. Even-numbered turns, two matching M&M’s at a time… My daughter would eat comfortably around you. With her it’s not OCD; it’s “everything in place.”

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