Purpose, prayers, providence

I’m one of the millions of fans who discovered House Mix following the death of Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter in May.

Jim Houser is SCC’s manager and he has done a masterful job of balancing the family’s privacy against the fans “need” to know.

As it turned out, the blogs idea in its entirety, the video blogs in particular were divine appointments. Yes, I truly think they were. You see, on that tragic day, May 21st, when we were looking for a way to honor and introduce the world to Maria and help ourselves remember her, the video blog “Dishwashin’ Daddy” was right there.

Since the accident, the family has not blogged. A little more time friends. In the space left, I have inadvertently become the way for you to check on your friends in pain and grief. And the reason I have kept writing was knowing with the best of intentions you’d want to know how they were doing. I also hoped that if I could keep you informed… you would keep praying, which of course is what the Chapmans most needed.

House Mix

House Mix is a public display of private faith. It’s a reflection of a family’s grief, mixed with hope in a higher purpose.

House Mix has served to whip up prayer warriors from all over the world. Almost a microwave prayer chain. Of millions.

House Mix was designed to drive publicity, sell records (er, itunes), promote concerts, and share faith. Not necessarily in that order. But God had bigger plans for Jim Houser’s blog.

House Mix has saved souls, shared hope, and helped families realign their purpose, renew their prayer lives, and remind them of God’s divine providence for their own lives.

Thank you, Jim. Thank you, Father.

Use me, Father. Please.


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