Thank you, Gustav

You brought lots of wind and rain to Arkansas, but you also brought us refreshingly cooler temperatures.

It’s been an absolutely gorgeous weekend in Fort Smith. Perfect for football, front porch sittin’ and thinkin’.

I threw open a few windows today (thanks, Arkansas Glass and Mirror for my new windows) and turned all the fans on high. The house has been breezy and comfortable.

Just goes to show, general states of dreariness always come to an end.

It’s been fun to work on a project — for a presentation friends and I are doing in a couple of weeks for out of town visitors — and to think of past accomplishments in terms of what could be, given the proper leadership. A few hours at the library does wonders for the brain synapses.

Added bonuses – the Hogs pulled out a win at War Memorial last night. Mark Martin finished 5th at Richmond today. Felix Jones had a GREAT debut for the Cowboys. Heck, his first run from scrimmage was a touchdown!

Perhaps it’ll be a good week…

2 thoughts on “Thank you, Gustav

  1. Sure, it’ll be a good week. This morning’s temp is just right; the grass is a little too wet to lay on and read the newspaper, but that’s why I have cheap, rickety patio furniture. My regular shipment of Gevalia coffee came last week, so I’m drinking that from a “crystal” cup while I read my Times Record and catch up on my online newsfeeds.

    I’m prepping this laptop for the ED of a local non-prof to take to Little Rock tomorrow. In doing so, I’m removing three profiles I created for others and making one for her. I like this HP laptop. It’s about four years old and I have a newer Sony Vaio, but I like this one best. I feel good loaning it. This is what makes me happy – finding solutions for other people.

    It’ll be a good week.

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