Vice Magazine – VICE MAIL

I noticed this lament from the editors of a New Jersey-based youth culture and integrated marketing magazine. Emphasis on youth culture. 

You know what? No letters page this month. You know why? Because we aren’t receiving enough real letters. We mainly get emails now, and people don’t think when they write emails. They just pump them out, which makes them hard to reply to. We sat here and looked at like 50 emails we’ve gotten in the last couple days and it was really depressing. Its like trying to come back to a burp or a fart. What can you say? Nice fart? Subpar belch, but try again? Vice Magazine – VICE MAIL

Emphasis again. People don’t think when they write emails.

Do we think when we comment in the blogosphere?

Is this ability to fire blindly into the dark political void somehow related to the mid-July Gallup poll showing only 14% of those surveyed approve of the job Congress is doing?

75% disapprove of Congress’ performance. According to Brokaw on Meet the Press this morning, it’s the lowest job approval rating Gallup has ever reported. House leader Nancy Pelosi blamed the depressing figures on the Republicans and the war in Iraq.

Hmmmm. The old blame game.

See? Emails aren’t the only place where political leaders and citizens can quickly and blindly attempt to avoid responsibility for a “subpar belch.”

Anyway, we aren’t trying to get onto some “we are slaves to machines” stuff but damn can we just get some letters on paper again please? Or at least don’t send us an email until you’ve read it through twice and decided whether or not you really need us to read it. Chances are you don’t.

I believe what this magazine — and others — are craving is “civic discourse.”

Yes, I read this through twice before I hit the “publish” button.

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