080808 Olympic ceremonies – An uneasy feeling

Like many viewers across the globe, I watched the opening Olympic ceremonies televised last night. My favorite images and storyline were of Yao Ming and his heroic 8 year old friend Lin Hao.

Still, the NBC broadcast team’s comments left me feeling a bit uneasy. Their job, of course, was to provide color and interpretation for an already colorful and interpretive gala. I heard no critical interpretation, though. Somehow I find it difficult to believe that suddenly China wants to “play nice” with the world. Suspiciously, I think the Chinese government wants its people — and the rest of the world — to believe in something that really isn’t there.

Early this morning, I ran across a fascinating perspective from NowPublic.com. John E. Carey posts comments from individuals who have reason to mistrust China and its intentions:

Who better to judge the symbolism of China’s event last night than other Chinese?  We asked free Chinese, Chinese Americans and Taiwanese, what they thought of the ceremony.

“China is saying, very loudly, this is their time, their century.  What China wants, China will now have,” said a Taiwan government official that asked not to be named.
“Yesterday’s ceremony, with Chinese people running around a globe-like figure and Chinese performers atop the globe says, ‘we are around the world.  We are world-wide.  Do not second guess us or underestimate us,'” he said.

And this comment validates my uneasiness after seeing a glimpse of the vast humanity that is China.

“My Chinese inner person said,’Wow.  This is terrific.’  My American self, and I have been an American for forty years, said, ‘This is the beginning of the end for American greatness'” a Chinese American visiting Beijing from Los Angeles told us.
So, be wary a bit of the gushing praise for China’s Olympic opening ceremony.

There may indeed be a downside.

Read the full piece at John E. Cary’s NowPublic.com channel

“One World, One Dream” seems to be a noble aspiration. Time after time throughout history we’ve discovered that leaders who aspire to “One World, One Dream” are either deranged, deluded, or dangerous.

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