A clinic on saying "We’re sorry."

On one of the most prominent racing stages in the world, NASCAR faltered mightily Sunday at the Brickyard 400. Indianapolis Speedway ate tires, forcing competitors to stop every 10 laps under caution for at least right side tires. Even with green flag racing, drivers said they could only run 80% just to get 10 laps out of their tires.

It was very disappointing.

Even more disappointing were the Sunday night racing shows — with commentators saying what a “great” race it was despite the tire issues.

Well, today NASCAR finally got it right, with a full-fledged apology. No excuses. No spin.

“I can’t say enough how sorry we are and it’s our responsibility being NASCAR that we don’t go through this situation again,” said Robin Pemberton, vice president of competition.

“The race didn’t come off like we had hoped, the fans didn’t get what they exactly wanted and we’ll do everything in our power — it won’t happen again, I can tell you that much.”


Americans are forgiving. So are race fans. We just need to be treated with respect. No excuses or rationalization. No blaming others. Accept responsibility and vow to get it right next time.

NASCAR, I forgive you.

See how easy that is?


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