An interesting — anonymous — Fort Smith blog

Old Fort Critic

For the past few days I’ve been watching this new blog. No, it’s not a spin-off of I’m barely keeping up with this blog. No time for taking up an anonymous hobby. 🙂

Keep an eye on this person. Posts are well-thought-out, intelligent, and fair.

I like the idea of having an anonymous Fort Smith blogger and I’m gonna watch this guy — or gal — closely.

2 thoughts on “An interesting — anonymous — Fort Smith blog

  1. I’m not a fan of anonymous criticism. This blogger’s first two posts bordered on criticism but with an almost apologetic tenor at the end of each. Still, they were pretty much a collection of negativity.

    One of today’s negative posts was right on target; parents get out of control when it comes to their kids. But why not focus on the remarkable referees and coaches who stick with their values and bring a positive light to youth sports?

    Today’s other negative post was a worn-out whine heard in every city, and is based on untruths and short-sightedness.

    Whiners and naysayers do little for me. Thankfully, I’m not required to subscribe.

    Oh – I would post this negativity of mine as a reply to the Old Fort Critic, but replying on his forum requires registering, and then there goes my anonymity.

  2. LOL. It’s interesting to watch a blog emerge.

    Essentially, I agree with you about negativity. I grow weary of it and tend to avoid negative people and negative messages.

    However, I celebrate this thing we call freedom of speech. I think that controversy and dissension are necessary attributes of freedom and I believe criticism is a crucial component of accountability.

    Personally, as I contemplated starting my own blog a couple of years ago, I wondered if I should do so anonymously. In 1984 I had my first on air radio gig, using the name “Tracy Adams” on KAAY 1090. It never, ever felt right.

    But that’s just me.

    The Fort Smith online community needs a little action. I’m kinda glad to see somebody look for that ragged edge. It might actually be healthy to have some unfettered discussion without fear of retribution.

    We shall see.

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