A perfect porch sitting Saturday

A nice little thunder shower moved through Fort Smith this morning. It’s cloudy and 75. Perfect porch sittin’ weather.

I remember my Papaw doing more than his fair share of front porch sittin on rainy afternoons. He didn’t need anything but a pack of cigarettes and a cup of Sanka. Well, and the view over his 40 acres on Mount Carmel.

These days, I’ve got a cup of coffee brewed by one of those fancy disc brewers.


I’ve got a laptop with lots of porch songs on my itunes. And a dog and his cat to keep me company.


Oh, and a good book about the guy who imagined what kind of place was befitting a nation’s home city.


Let the thunder roll. It’s a great day for front porch sittin.

2 thoughts on “A perfect porch sitting Saturday

  1. The porch pastime of whittling has morphed to the porch pastime of blogging. My front porch is barely big enough to stand on with a cup of coffee in-hand. My back patio has plenty of room for cheap plastic table & chairs with a ceiling fan overhead to keep the lil’ fliers from dining with me (or on me, as the case may be). My plastic table holds the morning’s Times Record, laptop, large-enough-to-minimize-refill-trips cup of coffee, and a two-pack of Little Debbie Nutty Bars. Step 1 is read the paper. Step 2 is email city directors, Tom Manskey or other Important People about what I read. Then I sit back and gaze out across the vastness of my 20 feet of back yard that ends abruptly at a six-foot privacy fence.

    Didja’ notice I left out the part about how much I love weather like we’re having this morning? You’ll never see me talk about how much I love weather like we’re having this morning.

  2. LOL. Well, I read the paper, too. Moose and I took a stroll. Well, he takes several strolls in the course of a porch sittin session. Occasionally, it’s a full-fledged RUN across the yard. Those poor squirrels and rabbits… 🙂

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