Best burger place

Seriously, the best burger I’ve ever eaten is RIGHT HERE!


CJ’s Burger Boy at I-40 and Highway 7 in Russellville.

My mom and I stopped there around 8:30 tonight on our way home from a quick trip to Little Rock. We split a burger and fries.


These burgers are amazing. CJ’s doesn’t do anything but burgers, fries, and shakes. You walk in and look at the burger meat, bacon, and all the stuff. In a meat case. You pick what you want on it – from mushrooms to bacon and cheese. They put a big ole ball of burger meat on the griddle, mash it down real good and let the outside of the patty get the perfect amount of crispy. Sweet. It’s the most beautiful burger I ever saw.

Mighty fine burger. MIGHTY fine. Here’s the “secret,” painted right on the side of the building


5 thoughts on “Best burger place

  1. We should have stopped there! I rode home with a former colleague of yours Thursday evening after assisting at an Alzheimer’s symposium in Little Rock. We talked about stopping to eat on the way home, but our huge dinner at Bosco’s Wednesday evening was followed by Thursday’s fine luncheon and all-day snacking on treats.

    Making a note for next trip: CJ’s Burger Boy at I-40 and Highway 7 in Russellville.

  2. Robert M. –

    I have so MANY former colleagues these days. LOL. Yeah, this place is IT. Closes at 9 nightly. Don’t drive past it next time. 🙂

  3. I figgered you’d find that funny. 🙂 We did a little better than Cracker Barrel; we ate at Colton’s Steak House. It was my first time there, and it was repeatable. My friends were happier with Colton’s anyway: “I still can’t believe you’d bring us all this way for some burger joint! I’m glad it’s closed so we can eat a steak worth driving for!” Phooey on ‘em.

    Do you remember Sunday’s weather? It was nice, wasn’t it? In Fort Smith, I mean. It wasn’t so nice there. On our way back west on 64 the rain started about the time we got on the dike. We found a dead carwash for shelter another five miles beyond that. There was lightning, of course, which is why we avoided trees. Oh yeah, we were MUCH safer in the all-metal car wash.

    A third biker going east joined us for shelter during the rain. The poor guy – he’d been riding with the east-moving storm. We joked that he was like Joe Bfstplk, the Li’l Abner character who always had a black cloud over his head.

    Eventually the rain stopped. We headed west again and had to take shelter only once more in Altus. All in all, not bad, not bad at all.


    PS: I encourage you to find a well-mannered safety-first bike dude with the 188th and take a ride out Hwy 64 to CJ’s. It’s a lot more fun than in a car on I-40.

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