A gorgeous place in the Boston Mountains

Last week several of us got a preview of what dignitaries from across Arkansas will see late next week as they dedicate Lake Fort Smith State Park.


Visitor Center — looking from the back porch and fireplace into the meeting room. The view behind my back is lovely, with Lake Fort Smith serving as the star of the show.



But the natural woodlands accenting the water are great backdrops for this photo.



Here’s the view from the overlook. My friend Garry looks serious, doesn’t he?


DSC00699  DSC00701

The group lodge is nothing like the austere conditions I “endured” at church camp.


Map image

Lake Fort Smith State Park — a collaborative project of Arkansas State Parks and the City of Fort Smith. I’m really proud of the new facilities and the drinking water supply.


2 thoughts on “A gorgeous place in the Boston Mountains

  1. A small group of us have ridden to Lake Fort Smith Park twice since Memorial Day. It is truly amazing what has been done with something as mundane as a water supply.

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