Tim Russert’s advice to PR professionals, candidates, officials

October 22, 2007, the late Tim Russert addressed the Public Relations Society of America’s international conference in Philadelphia. In his memory, and as an effort to promote the tenets he enthusiastically practiced and communicated, www.tracyplaces.net is highlighting brief excerpts from my notes that Sunday afternoon in our nation’s birthplace.

you pay a price for spin 

“You pay a price for (spin)…it’s an absolute disaster.”

you cant be a phony long term

“You can’t be a phony long-term”

fess up

“Fess up — be honest with people. America’s a phenomenally forgiving country – fess up.”

Show us a mind at work

“A challenge to candidates/officials – ‘Show us a mind at work.”

“Measure the character of a man”

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