Tim Russert Observation for America #3

October 22, 2007, the late Tim Russert addressed the Public Relations Society of America’s international conference in Philadelphia. In his memory, and as an effort to promote the tenets he enthusiastically practiced and communicated, www.tracyplaces.net is highlighting brief excerpts from my notes that Sunday afternoon in our nation’s birthplace.

We won wwii because we had the will

Always the historian — looking for the obscure detail from the past that is relevant to our world today — Russert reminded the packed house that prior to World War II, the U.S. certainly couldn’t be classified as a military power. We were isolationists, remember?

Russert said:

“We won because we had the will.”

An aside, have you checked the Newseum’s web site today? Russert was a trustee of this incredible place dedicated to celebrating freedom of speech, journalism, and those who practice and protect these freedoms.

My friend Kathy took this picture of me on the Newseum’s balcony. Kathy and I delighted in seeing his white board on display from the 2000 election.


I’ve clicked randomly on dozens of front pages across the nation. Russert’s photo is on every single front page I’ve clicked.


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