Tim Russert observation for America #1

October 22, 2007, the late Tim Russert addressed the Public Relations Society of America’s international conference in Philadelphia. In his memory, and as an effort to promote the tenets he enthusiastically practiced and communicated, www.tracyplaces.net is highlighting brief excerpts from my notes that Sunday afternoon in our nation’s birthplace.

Communication and respect

“Communication and respect for one another is central to our democracy.”


Russert then pointed out that “an entire industry lives on attack and counter attack.”

  • blogs
  • 24 hour news shows
  • radio

My notes continue, (publicity raises $ “energizes base”)

Then, Russert asked,

“Where’s the notion of common good?”

The quest for money and power seem to fuel the cycle of attack and counter attack.

But communication and respect for one another — the exact opposite — are what’s central to our democracy. The American public is thirsty for the latter.

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