Odds, ends, and Saturday stuff

It’s a big day for my daddy’s side of the family. My cousin Howard is gettin hitched. On the Mulberry River, ferpetes sake. 2pm. Until about 24 hours ago or so, they weren’t sure if the weddin would be 10am or 2pm and that did cause a little friendly consternation amongst the more, um, traditional family members.

Heck, I just blocked out the whole day on my fancy Blackberry. “Howard’s wedding – Mulberry River.” My mom the navigator has the map. And the great good sense of humor to deflect any hints at grumbling about an outdoor wedding.

I’ve joked that I might have enough laptop batteries to transcribe every bit of conversation amongst Daddy and the sisters. Once they get wound up at weddings and funerals, it’s difficult for my mom and me to stop laughing.

I’ll have my camera and will hopefully come back with some mighty fine Yell County tales — even though the Yell County kin will be somewhere in Crawford or Franklin County for the vows I’ll be observing in cool, comfortable shorts and my Newseum t-shirt.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo I’ve been meaning to post for a week. It’s me with my friend Claude’s grandson, Matthew. Matthew lives in the Philly area and we try to get our picture made together every time he’s here. Last month, Matthew was in Fort Smith for his uncle’s graduation from Southside High School.

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