2 thoughts on “Fun in the sun on the street…

  1. I am so envious! I keep thinking I’ll set up my grill some day in the middle of our five-house cul-de-sac but have never gotten past the warm fuzzy thought. Now I know I’ll have to make it a reality.

    Who’s the blue-skirted babe in Gary’s arm? Does Jo Ann know about this?

  2. Robert —

    We’ve been doing this block party for about 10 years now. It’s really, really EASY. Especially if you’re in a cul de sac. We get permits to barricade the street. It’s pretty easy to fill out a form and the street department will deliver the barricades and pick em up. Fire dept usually can come. They love getting to know the people in the neighborhoods they cover. We always cook a little more for them. They didn’t get to come today, though.
    A few of us bring grills. Everybody brings their own main dish and enough for one or two extras. And everybody brings a side or a veggie. It’s an awesome way to get to know new neighbors and kids don’t EVER forget the one day of each year they get to run and play in the street.

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