A Moose eye view

Speaking of annual events, our little neighborhood is quiet now.

Except for Moose wanting off the porch to chase a wabbit across the street.



In a couple of hours the street in front of my house will be bustling with activity. A couple of hours after that, laughter will be bouncing off houses all over the neighborhood. I hear we’ll even have some live music, thanks to my across the street neighbor Mikey.

Today’s the day for the annual Fishback Place block party! WOO HOO! I’ll post pictures as we go — may even see if I can set up a live cam. Just for the heckuvit…

Meantime, here are photos from my front porch — of herbs I’ve been growing right here in front of where the event will take place. Today’s the first day I’ll have harvested these herbs. Some for the chicken I’m gonna grill, a little rosemary for the steak I have thawing, the cilantro will spice up store-bought salsa and the basil will work well on the Italian salad I’m preparing. The mint out back (not pictured) will make a really nice centerpiece at one of the tables.

DSC00411 DSC00414 DSC00413 DSC00412

This is me — soaking up a bit of Red Bull. After the shopping trip to Wal-Mart. During a little laundry. Before food preparations begin. Thought I’d continue the cowgirl theme from last night at the rodeo. smile_shades


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