Pondering impossibilities

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been pondering impossibilities. A few days ago, I bit — as did much of the blogosphere — on a fairly elaborate hoax.

UPDATE 5/27/2008: Yep, it’s a fake. The artist has added a line to the bottom of his webpage stating “This is fictional work. DHL did not transport the GPS at any time.” And DHL confirmed that Nordenenkar never went any further than a warehouse the company allowed him to film in.

Wired blog network

Still, my recent experience in Brett Hunter‘s Magnum Pitts Special, has me thinking about the impact perceived impossibilities have on the human psyche and the power of accomplishing the impossible in one’s daily life. My thoughts center on perspectives on impossibilities and improbabilities.

Soon, I expect to share more about my little theory. Right now I’m still researching, considering, and holding my theory up everyday events to see if I’m onto something that might help us all be in — and help build — a better place.

For now, consider this wonderful Youtube video. Meet Booger the dog, Kitty the cat, and Mousey the, um, rat? Key in on why this guy took on such an impossible task…

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