Let the sunshine in…

DSC00369 DSC00370

 DSC00379 DSC00374


As I snapped these photos, I was reminded of my Intro to Art professor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I didn’t find him in the current listing of faculty in UALR’s Art Department and I can’t remember his name, but his “thing” was windows. He painted windows. Everything was about squares, reflections, shadows and…windows.

Today my mom met Arkansas Glass and Mirror at my house. They installed new windows on the west side of the house and, after several weeks, the plastic is gone. With the major storm and hail damage, it’s quite difficult to get workmen to cut glass and glaze them into antique windows. Plenty of contractors are eager to sell and install new-fangled energy-efficient windows but that’s not only a major, major expense and insurance won’t cover it, I like my antique windows just fine.

As you can see, the stained glass squares are still broken and the storm window frames have all been removed and will be replaced later. I’ll need to have someone scrape the sills, prime, and paint pretty quickly. My mom and I did all that one summer and neither of us has the inclination to go to that place again…

To finally have light shining into my bedroom window is such a blessing. I never realized I’d miss the sunshine so much — especially in the morning.

I’m not the only one in the house happy to see the light of day again. Principi’s already critter-watching. She was gazing at a great big rabbit before I interrupted her…

Principi in the window

After having been slightly deprived of sunshine, I now understand a little better about why Jesus talked so much about light.

Places are better, indeed, with sunshine.

UPDATE: Now I remember the art professor’s name. Al Allen died earlier this year. See his entry and his work in The Arkansas Encyclopedia of History and Culture.

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