Today’s the day…

When I was a young person, Little Rock TV markets ran a commercial featuring a man and his little boy on a farm. The dad came into the bedroom, woke the boy at dawn, and simply said, “Come on, son. Today’s the day.” The video unfolded the boy’s highly-anticipated first spin around the pasture with a big ole tractor.

My daddy used to wake me that way — especially if we were headed off on some adventurous vacation.

Well, when I awoke today, I could hear Daddy’s voice. “Come on, Jo Bob. Today’s the day.”

This is the fulfillment of a dream or two I’d long given up on — to fly in an F-16 or on the space shuttle.

Okay, so a Pitts Special isn’t quite outer space. We’re not gonna carpet bomb anyone, but this is one SERIOUS ride in Brett Hunter’s high performance acrobatic aircraft. It seems to be the Ferrari of the air show. Fast, agile, and the ability to break every conventional wisdom in the book about gravity and the mystery of flight.

My childhood — and young adult — ambitions seemed to disappear from my radar years ago. Thanks to the Flying Razorbacks, today I’ll realize the fulfillment of dreams I’d stopped pursuing. My friends honor me with an unsolicited opportunity to feel some serious G’s with a widely-respected pilot.

Granted, the dreams are modernized and adapted to circumstances, but isn’t that the case with everything we do?

Flight is scheduled for 12:30 at TAC Air in Fort Smith.

I’ll post an update as soon as I can.

Come on, ya’ll. Today’s the day…

One thought on “Today’s the day…

  1. Tracy,
    I seemed to have lost your email and I can’t find it anywhere, I came across your website by goggling your name! I wish i could make it to the air show this weekend, but I have to work.. 😦 We are replacing some servers on some new power outlets this weekend and shutting everything down. I’m seriously JEALOUS that you got to ride in one of those jets.. NO FAIR.. πŸ˜› You’re going to have took hook me up next air show.. I have always loved watching those gets fly by! Email me back with your email! I’m getting married on Nov. 29th Check out the site.. I don’t have your parents email if they still have it will you email me that too

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