Nuthin but WOW!

The ride in Brett Hunter‘s stunt machine was SPECTACULAR!

Garrett Lewis of 5 News rode before I did. Check out some of his video at 6 and 10. Surely they’ll post the story online. Garrett just confessed on the air that he took some motion sickness stuff. Not MEEEEEEEE? 🙂

When I went up, we did a hammerhead stall, a Cuban 8, an auto-rotation, flips, and a whole bunch of other stuff I can’t remember.





Here are “after” photographs — Brett, my Mama and Daddy, and Col. Tom Anderson, his wife Terri, and their sweet boys. Derek, the oldest Anderson son, was an inspiration to many us during the great BRAC War of 2005.

More later. I promise!

image image image

3 thoughts on “Nuthin but WOW!

  1. No problem at ALL. The last one we did took my breath away, but I could have done another one if we’d had time. Notice I didn’t say I could have stayed up all day. I was definitely approaching my limit, but I did real good.

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