Anticipating a place in time and space — ANNOUNCING MY RRRRRIDE for Friday!

brett_wallpaper1280x720 Isn’t destiny something of a place concept? Occupying a certain space at a particular time and feeling as if you’d spent your entire life wondering if you’d ever experience something you always dreamed would happen?

Years ago, my mom and I talked about how I’d love to fly in the space shuttle and that if I ever had the opportunity as a broadcast journalist, I’d do it! I always wanted to fly in an F-16, too. It’s always been one of my regrets — giving up journalism before I got a fast, crazy ride in 2 wings (I was the queen of military helicopter rides in the 40/29 newsroom).

My mom said she wouldn’t get in my way, but that I shouldn’t expect her to watch me actually fly in the shuttle.

Well, I’m not hitching a ride in the space shuttle Friday. I won’t be strapped to a military jet. Instead, I’ll be strapped into Brett Hunter’s very cool Pitts Special. (Now you know why I went nuts yesterday posting Youtube clips to


I am soooooooo excited, so honored, and not one bit nervous. At least not yet.

If the guys at the 188th say this is the ride for me, then I’m good with it. I love helicopters and have been on some screamin rides before. But I don’t at all dig heights, roller coasters, or loop-de-loop rides at amusement parks. Heck, I wouldn’t ride the teacups at Disneyworld for free. But here I am, going for a ride like this, and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

Clyde Airshow 0359

Here’s the thing — my mom seems torn. Does she go watch or does she stay away? She doesn’t even want to hear me talk about hammerhead stalls or freakin 8’s. I’m guessing she sits in her car outside the airport fence and keeps her eyes closed…

Honestly, I don’t think I’ll get skeert. Something tells me, well, that I belong in the seat of that aircraft. Not that I’m entitled to the ride, but that my friends at the 188th consider me worthy. I am truly honored and humbled that they think “highly” of me. How could I not eagerly embrace the opportunity?

Mr. Hunter, if you’re checking this blog, don’t hold out any of your tricks, okay?

thumbs_upGimme all you got Friday. I’ll be ready!


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