The Fort Smith Regional Air Show…

…is single digit days away. The jets start screaming overhead next Thursday afternoon as aircraft begin to congregate at the Fort Smith Regional Airport and the 188th Fighter Wing base.

Our Arkansas Air National Guard unit now flies A-10 Thunderbolts. The Flying Razorbacks have been icons in the skies of Fort Smith for more than 50 years. Back in 2005, we were forced to contemplate what kind of place we’d have without “iron on the ramp.” We fought off the Base Realignment and Closure threat, so we’re EXTREMELY proud to assist the 188th every couple of years with the coolest air show on earth (biased claim? ABSOLUTELY!)

Friday afternoon the Thunderbirds rehearse, and some lucky folks get to ride in lots of aircraft. Friday night is a great big preview show, then all HECK breaks loose Saturday and Sunday (both shows are scheduled to be EXACTLY alike if the weather cooperates).

Next weekend is also Armed Forces Week. We owe it to our military men and women — and their families — to cheer for them and to thank them for their service to our great nation.

I’ll be there. Don’t you miss it, either.

Find the latest information right here at this wordpress-hosted site.

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