define: place – Google Search

Lately I’ve been re-thinking the purpose, and the brand identity of TracyPlaces. When I first set up the blog, I defined TracyPlaces this way:

“Place” is a strange-looking word in print, but its sound evokes emotion from nearly everyone with a heart. Place can be another place in time, a piece of ground, a web site, an idea from a book. Perhaps “place” is an experience you’d love to share with someone you care about, or someone you once knew.

This is a place to share my favorite places.

Google pulls up a myriad of definitions to the word place.

define: place – Google Search

It would seem that the concept of place provides plenty of fodder for a writer to post relevant comments that would be interesting, inspirational, and entertaining for quite a few readers in the blogosphere.

In the coming days and weeks, I’ll try to do a better job of tying posts back to place and perspective.

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