Actions worthy of Medal of Honor — provoke questions & gratitude from the living


The family of Michael A. Monsoor was at the White House today. On behalf of their fallen loved one, they accepted the Medal of Honor.

Said a comrade whose life was saved because Monsoor fell on a grenade for his teammates:

He never took his eye off the grenade his only movement was down toward it. He undoubtedly saved mine and the other SEALs lives, and we owe him.

Isn’t it interesting that our nation’s highest honor may be the least coveted? Because heroic actions require complete sacrifice? I wonder, did this young man ever ask, “Why am I here?”

Dare I speculate and suggest that he was more concerned with actions that exemplified SEAL training? Accomplishing his team’s mission? Upholding the honor of belonging to SEAL team THREE and never, ever leaving his brothers?

Michael Monsoor was a do-er, not a philosopher. A sacrific-er, not a pundit. A broth-er, not a politician.

The team members who witnessed Monsoor’s selfless act — those who survived because he sacrificed — are left to grieve, wonder, and ponder. As is his family.

I wonder…in my daily actions — with far, far less on the line — how can I begin to measure up? How do I focus on fulfilling my team’s mission and block out doubt, fear, and frustration?

The SEAL axiom is Winning is the objective. Losing is acceptable. Quitting is intolerable.

How? We can because we must.

Thank you Petty Officer Second Class Michael A. Monsoor for your example. For those who knew and loved Monsoor, you have the love and respect of a grateful nation. May God be with you as you grieve and, ultimately, as you begin to heal.


Michael A. Monsoor | – Experience the SEAL Edge

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