Stupid itunes…

…no, everything is working just fine. Unfortunately. It’s way too easy to run across a song or a group that was buried in my psyche. Once I play a snippet, it brings back old memories. 99 cents and a download later, I got another tune in my pocket.

Music is a huge part of place. It’s the ultimate time machine for reliving hot summers at the pool, hotter July nights, and crisp, clear New Years Eves.

In case you’re wondering, here’s something about 10cc. Remember them?

I’m Not In Love by 10cc Songfacts

2 thoughts on “Stupid itunes…

  1. Yes – stupid iTunes. Or actually Amazon MP3 downloads, in my case.

    After hearing Larry B ( sing his spine-tingling version of Prince’s Purple Rain at Woody’s Friday night I had to come home and download it for myself. I’m not a Prince fan except for the songs Larry B sings, and he never leaves out Purple Rain.

    So here I am downloading Purple Rain by Prince (99 cents) – the LP version, not the explicit lyrics version – when I see another version by LeeAnn Rimes (99 cents). Now that’s worth getting just to hear what she’s done to his song, ma. It’s downloading and then I see an instrumental version by the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (81 cents). Anything by RPO is a must-have even at twice the price. Oh look – there’s a Prince medley including Purple Rain by The Allstars (99 cents). Medleys are a bargain just because of their length, so naturally I downloaded it, too.

    Larry B’s incredible performance and the ease of downloading have caused me to buy nearly 30 minutes of Purple Rain for just $3.78.

    I resisted the urge to download Purple People eater (similar titles), but only because I already have it.

  2. LOL, Robert. 30 minutes of Purple Rain. That’s hilarious. 🙂

    Thank GOODNESS I’m not the only one…

    Now if Tom Ware would just offer some of his music for sale online…

    Oh, and do you have Sonny Burgess and Short Squashed Texan??? I do. I kid you not…

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