All in the family…racing style

Rusty Wallace raced at Tri State Speedway in Fort Smith, along with my racing hero – Mark Martin. Rusty’s brothers, Mike and Kenny, have gone on to some measure of racing success and Rusty’s son currently drives for his on the Nationwide circuit.

Today, another Wallace made a major series debut.

THANKS, DAD: Chrissy Wallace, the 19-year-old daughter of veteran NASCAR driver Mike Wallace, made her debut in the Craftsman Truck Series on Saturday, driving for Germain Racing. Wallace’s spotter for the race was her father.

“It’s a good thing to have my dad spot for me because a lot of people do not trust their spotters and he’s definitely somebody that I can rely on,” she said.

“I made the comment to my mom the other day when we were coming back home from Martinsville — I was like, “Dad actually does know what he is talking about.”‘

He also, clearly, knows how to talk to his daughter.

Early in the race, she was put a lap down by Ron Hornaday

“Stay with it. Stay with it,” Mike Wallace radioed to her.

“Dad, I’m trying,” she replied.

“I know you are, honey, I’m just letting you know,” he said.

Wallace started 35th out of 36 drivers and finished 18th.

Starting 35th, getting lapped early, and finishing 18th. Wow! Just FINISHING at Martinsville is quite the feat. Some drivers say that track is a lot like racing in a parking lot. Germain racing is a great ride — championship trucks!

Didn’t hurt that 2 time NASCAR Cup champion Tony Stewart was on the pit box — helping her dad coach.

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