Rick Barnes wasn’t around back in the day, but one of my favorite Arkansas-Texas moments was when Darrell Walker slugged  Abe Lemons at Barnhill Arena.

Second-seeded Texas will face Austin Peay on Friday afternoon in Little Rock the capital of a state with a storied rivalry against Texas. Obviously, and honestly, our guys don’t know the rivalry that existed between Texas and Arkansas, Barnes said on a teleconference today. Were scheduled to come play Arkansas next year, and if the fans don’t treat us well, were not going to come. You can put that out there. I’m serious. We’ve got enough money here we can buy our way out of it. So, theyd better be good to us. (Um, Rick, this might not be the best way to win over the locals up there.) The bad blood between Texas and Arkansas far outdates Barnes as well.

Barnes to Arkansas fans: Be nice or else | Bevo Beat

Another favorite Arkansas-Texas moment was our last trip to the SWC tournament at Reunion Arena. I had floor press passes. Never, ever, EVER have I heard so much noise than the Arkansas-Texas match-up for all the marbles that Sunday afternoon. The Hogs won.

I also remember restaurant owners, waiters, hotel managers, and the like crying that Sunday night. They knew Arkansas fans wouldn’t be back again the following year. We had a HUGE impact on their pocketbooks. I happened to be in town the following year, snuck into the SWC tournament, and my friends and I marveled at how few fans were on hand to watch any of the games.

Let that arrogant sonofagun Barnes whine about having to play in North Little Rock. The businesses in the Twin Cities will GLADLY accept big bucks — even from Texas fans. We’ve got years and years of catchin’ up to do in terms of taking THEIR dollars out of state.


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