Too early to believe in miracles?

Steven Hill, wearing a 4 on each shoe in tribute to his “favorite athlete of all time, Brett Favre,” makes a rare outside shot and gives Arkansas a 1 point lead against the FOURTH team in the nation — Tennessee.

The upset sends the Volunteers back to the house, where the team will wait to see where they’re seeded in the NCAA and where they might compete next week. Perhaps, some analysts speculate, the Vols will set up shop at Alltel Arena in North Little Rock.

Meanwhile, first year coach John Pelphrey advances his senior-laden Razorbacks to the SEC Championship game tomorrow afternoon. The Hogs will play either Georgia (about to compete in its second game today) or Mississippi State — the team that was in the midst of an overtime matchup against Alabama last night when the sky started falling — from a tornado and high winds. After a very long, unsettling delay, the game resumed and the Bulldogs emerged from the marathon event. Right now, State trails Georgia 10-2.

Either way, I’d say Arkansas has a great shot at winning its first SEC tournament championship since 2000. That, friends, has been Arkansas’ ONLY men’s basketball tournament championship since joining the SEC in 1992, I think.

Get a good night’s sleep, fellas. And fans. We’re gonna be working hard tomorrow afternoon!

ESPN – Arkansas vs. Tennessee – Photos – March 15, 2008

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