Tomorrow, tomorrow…

…is my Daddy’s birthday.

What a victory. A year ago, we were settling into the reality of a lung cancer diagnosis.

Last May, we awaited the results of a fairly complicated biopsy. If negative, the surgeon would proceed with the removal of part of his lung. If the biopsy had been positive, they’d have sewn him up and we’d have tough decisions to make.

Well, the biopsy and surgery were extremely successful. Daddy has made a miraculous recovery. No chemo. No radiation. His lung capacity is better than it’s been in years. A recent PET scan was oh, so clean.

We’ve been to two Razorback games this season and were all 3 amazed at how easy it was for him to walk from the car into the arena and up to our seats in the rafters.

So tomorrow is a very special day, indeed.

Thank you, Lord (and Lou) for taking such good care of my Daddy for all of us who love him.

6 thoughts on “Tomorrow, tomorrow…

  1. Hurray for your dad! I am 19-year survivor (I was young) of a much tamer cancer, but that doesn’t stop the giddiness whenever I hear another survivor story.

    I’ll send him birthday wishes in my heart tomorrow.

  2. Thank you, RobertM. And congratulations to you. 19 years ago, surviving cancer was even more of a miracle, huh?

    My dad tells my mom nearly every day, “Lou, thank you for keeping me out of the nursing home.”

    He’s a riot. I suspect you, too, have a great sense of humor. I think laughter is a prerequisite for survival. πŸ˜‰

  3. Irrelevant to your dad, but re nursing homes…

    NH’s are necessary, and we have some wonderful, caring people looking after our loved ones at the local homes. But not everyone belongs in a NH.

    Adult Daycare (ex: Fountain of Youth) is an option that gives seniors and/or frail people a place to spend the day while they continue living with their family. Arkansas lost 13 ADC’s last year and another one is closing in Rogers this month. Our social funding system would rather send our loved ones to a NH than spend about one tenth as much for ADC. That’s a lot of money, to say nothing of the sense of dignity and better lifestyle that remains.

    Here’s the story on ADC’s (you get 10 extra points if you find me in the video):

  4. That’s a great story, Robert. It looks like you take really, really good care of your bride.

    In the old days when I was a reporter, we covered Fountain of Youth. It was a brand new program. The organization and services have come a long, long way and have helped many people over the years.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. And thanks, ER. We had a great day. My folks came to the governor’s gig today. My friends joked that I’m a wonderful daughter to have thrown such a big party for my daddy’s birthday. Even letting the governor crash the birthday party. πŸ™‚

    Tomorrow night, a bunch of us are going to Lavaca for a great big, old fashioned tamale party.

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