Superbowl brown out

Un freaking believable…how many football parties in Northwest Arkansas are fried tonight because of a “technical glitch” on Superbowl Sunday? Un FREAKING BEEEEELIEVABLE. Thanks, Nextar, for running such a tight ship.

Decent equipment isn’t a luxury, is it?

A former professor used to say an FCC license is a license to print money. That only holds true if the licensee can figure out how to keep the station on the air…

Super Bowl On Fox24

Sunday, Feb 3, 2008 @04:06pm CST

Due to a technical difficulty, the air signal and some satellite services are not receiving and broadcasting the Super Bowl on Fox. The engineering staff are aware of the problem and working hard to get the signal back up before the start of the game. We apologize for the inconvience.
UPDATES: DirecTV has set up CH 700 as a Temporary solution for their viewers.


2 thoughts on “Superbowl brown out

  1. Now you know those folks at the place where they catch all those signals have access to the game, but they don’t care if anyone else does.

  2. So, if Fox couldn’t send a signal how come I saw the whole game? My daugther said it was the dish folks and the antenna gang that missed out. Why? Doesn’t the cable just rebroadcast the local station’s signal? Anyway I’m glad I got to see a pouting Belichek(?) run like a baby from the field before the final gun and have an interview after the game that was pathetic. You think the Giants may have videotaped his defensive signals?

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