Thomas Holland, Fort Smith-raised author has another book released by Simon & Schuster

I’ve been in 2 Fort Smith bookstores this week and haven’t found a single copy. I prefer buying locally, but if I can’t find KIA in the last local bookstore I plan to check tomorrow, I’m clicking on Amazon.

Thomas Holland did a great job on his first novel. It was a quick, suspenseful read. I liked the touch of home-spun flavor of Arkansas.

I knew Tom’s brother well. Jim Holland was among the most amazing talents these parts had ever known. From photography to carpentry, his creations were full of life.

Thomas’ day job is among the most noble 21st Century professions — he and his team of anthropologists travel into dangerous countries, battle frigid cold and oppressing heat, in hopes of finding a fragment of a bone that might prove a MIA or KIA crashed his aircraft here. Their mission is to bring home every American who has been lost on foreign soil.

His fiction works show the quiet man’s sense of humor — irreverent and intelligent. Yet, at the core of the character is a man who lives by doing what’s right. His decency sometimes gets in the way of pragmatism.

I can’t wait to read KIA, by Thomas Holland.

Simon & Schuster: Thomas Holland


4 thoughts on “Thomas Holland, Fort Smith-raised author has another book released by Simon & Schuster

  1. The Hollands are quite a bunch… Jim was indeed a talented photographer, and known as THE guy to see for color correction in the local graphic design/photography community. Jim’s & Thomas’ other brother Brad is internationally known as one of the finest illustrators alive. I am anxious to grab hold of Thomas’ book- thanks, Tracy!

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