A socially-redeeming, entertaining, and educational HALF TIME PIECE???

Holy Smokes! The Tostido’s Bowl tie in with the 1951 San Francisco Dons is stellar — the players telling their own story and Morgan Freeman keeping the narration together. Just outstanding!

During the 1951 college football season, the San Francisco Dons team finished with a 9-0 record and average 33-8 score, the best of any team in the nation at that time. They received a Bowl bid but with one stipulation: they had to play without their African-American teammates…

“We pulled out of the Bowl bid because it was the right thing, and only thing, to do – we were a family,” said Bob St. Clair, part of the 1951 team who later went on to play with the San Francisco 49ers and was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1990. “The entire 1951 Dons team is honored that Tostitos has recognized us with this honor, and we are excited to be a part of the 2008 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.”

Here’s more, from the archives of Pro Football Weekly. The reason most of us have never heard of USF (University of San Francisco) is that the team’s decision to boycott a bowl bid after going undefeated is that the university dropped football. The Dons never played another game.

I hope Tostido’s will release the piece to YouTube. The story — and the video segment — is exactly what I love about history, sports, and all the different media formats available to us today. This is a compelling and inspirational story about life and it holds many lessons for us today.

Here’s a YouTube post from earlier this year.

TOSTITOS RECOGNIZES ONE OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL’S FINEST TEAMS – FiestaBowl.org—Official Site of the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

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