Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho! Arkansas’ at the COTTON BOWL!

My very first Cotton Bowl was 1976. It was also my first experience with people who got a little rowdy for New Year’s Eve.We stayed at the Sheraton in Dallas and I LOVED watching the Cotton Bowl Parade from a big picture window.

My dad got into a friendly, um, animal impression contest with a woman from Georgia. She’d bark and Daddy would squeal. She got a little louder and meaner sounding. Daddy would put a little more spin into his pig squeal. This went on and on and, before long, everybody in the restaurant was cheering. It was the first time we’d been able to tell which half was wearing Georgia Bulldog red, and which half was wearing RAZORBACK red. Well, except for the occasional dog and hog logos on purses and such.

At some point during the New Year’s Eve meal, a dapper looking man in a red coat strode into the restaurant and acted like he owned the place. He did a beautiful rendition of God Bless America.

Afterward, we retired to our room and tried to sleep but were awakened numerous times as revelers noisily stumbled to their nearby rooms to get a couple of hours of sleep before game time.It was COOOOOLLLLLD at Cotton Bowl stadium that morning. Especially when we were pretty quickly down 10-0.

Thanks to some help from the famous “shoestring” play, we had the game tied at halftime. 10-10, and the Razorbacks poured it on the Georgia Bulldogs during the second half.The online archives at the Dallas Morning News even make reference to yelping dogs.

The Arkansas Razorbacks, making their first appearance in 10 years in the role of Southwest Conference representatives left ‘em yelping in the wake of a comeback 31-10 victory. The game turned on a Georgia silk purse that turned out to be a sow’s ear.

I wonder if that sports reporter was in the restaurant the night my daddy out-squealed that yelping Georgia bulldog lady?

Frank Broyles coached that Razorback team. Today marks his last Cotton Bowl as the University of Arkansas’ athletic director. I’m excited about the future of the Arkansas program. Coach Pelphrey wants to win, but he seems to have a stronger desire to make winners of young men. He wants them to perform in school and behave in an exemplary manner. If Coach Petrino puts the same emphasis on our football players, I’ll be a proud Razorback fan.

Go git em, DMac! Run right THROUGH that Mizzou defense. It’s the only thing between you and a great, big paycheck. You’ve earned the right to compete on Sunday, with class, humility, and charm. I’m proud you’re an Arkansas Razorback.

By the way, here’s a neat recap of Arkansas’ most memorable bowl appearance in recent years — as compiled by Grant Hall.

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