Fort Smith football

T’was another good evening for Fort Smith high school football teams, as Northside rolled out of Pine Bluff with a win and Southside took it to Greenwood.

Danville lost, as did Batesville (to the Fayetteville Bulldogs).

Week 1 High School Football Scores – High School Football Frenzy News Story – KHBS Ft. Smith

Meanwhile, it’ll be interesting to see how Fort Smith native Matt Jones fares with the Jacksonville Jaguars this season. The first round draft pick has had a decent pre-season. Reports from Jacksonville indicate starting QB Byron Leftwich will be cut or traded. Jones — a starting QB for the Razorbacks — hasn’t set the NFL on fire in his 2 years as a pro receiver — it looks like maybe this year we’ll see if a new QB can help Jones’ numbers.

Matt led the Northside Grizzlies to a state championship.

Go git em, Matt!

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