Vick and the AG

All day, I’ve been suspicious of the attorney general’s timing — Friday he calls the president and says he’s resigning on Monday? Did I hear that right on Fox this morning?

“Monday. Why wait until Monday? Don’t the beltway communications experts prefer to bury bad news on a Friday afternoon? Better yet, the Friday before a long weekend?”  Four more days would have gotten them to Labor Day.

Ahhhhhh! Everyone knows Michael Vick was scheduled to appear in federal court — where he would plead guilty to fighting dogs.

But the attorney general didn’t have his news conference timed quite with Michael Vick’s long-awaited statement to the TV cameras.

As it is, AG news operated behind a partial Vick eclipse. One can’t help but think that perfect timing would have been AG’s news conference occurring simultaneously with Vick’s.

What if this happened on Friday:

AG staffer to Virginia U.S. Attorney’s office  — how long do you think the Vick plea will take?

Virginia — not more than a couple of hours.

AG — you think he’ll talk afterwards?

Virginia  — yeah. He’ll talk.

Later, AG staffer tells Alberto — sir, no way Vick will address the media before 2pm Eastern.

Wouldn’t it be funny if somebody in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Virginia deliberately misled the “boss” so AG couldn’t completely hide behind Michael Vick’s newser?

Like a total eclipse of the heart, er, sun?

5 thoughts on “Vick and the AG

  1. Tracy:
    You always did have a way with words. It was our loss when you decided not to pursue a career in television.
    Those were magical days, weren’t they? Days those of us who were there will never forget.
    I, too, missed the reunion, speaking at a memorial service for a soldier who gave his life for us in Iraq. A matter of priority, I suppose, but when it came down to it, there was really no choice to be made.
    Your Friend for Life was right…we must make the best of every day God gives us. I believe that a seemingly untimely death such as Wendell’s has its purpose. In his case it is being revealed in the wonderful sentiments being expressed through the amazing medium of the Internet, drawing people who have not seen each other in years closer together and more aware of our own mortality.

  2. Hey, Uncle Dave! Thanks for stopping by.

    I must confess, among my fondest KARK memories was Roy’s propensity for messing with you now and again. Sometimes a “stand by” would evoke a wink and a nod from Roy. A cue would prompt Roy to turn and say, “The big redhead is here with sports.”

    Four minutes and thirty seconds later, we could count on a fist hitting the desk followed by a, “Dad gummit, Roy! You KNOW I don’t like that!”

    It makes me grin just to think about those very predictable — yet priceless — moments.

    Stop by my place anytime, my friend.

  3. I never put the 2 events together. Anything is possible with these guys though. You have to admit, they are good a fooling the public in the short run. At leat he’s finallly resigned and Vick is going to jail. A very good day for justice in the USA.
    The Sultan on Sports

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