Mark Martin behind the 8 ball…

Man. I’m hoping Mark puts his foot down on this one…

Now it appears veteran Mark Martin, whose fans were so upset when he left the No. 6 he had driven for Roush Racing for years, is headed for the No. 8 next season. Sources say that DEI plans to run Martin and Cup rookie Aric Almirola in the car, splitting the 36-race schedule.

NASCAR.COM – Number a driver’s identity but change is imminent – Aug 24, 2007

This story out of DEI headquarters didn’t come up until Thursday. Mark’s not at the track this weekend — decided to hang out at the house and watch the Bristol race from home. My amateur guess is that Mark’s gonna get a LOT of money to get in that 8 car, or he ain’t doing the deal.

Ohhhhhh boy. Mark may wind up being as reviled as Tony Stewart before he parks his Cup ride for good.Hang on, Mark fans…it’s gonna be scarier than the last 50 laps at Dega.

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