Raining at Michigan International Speedway

The green flag is supposed to fall around 1:15 Central, but it’s raining like crazy at MIS. Youtube.com may be the closest some of us get to Sunday afternoon speed.

Here’s a clip that still makes me mad. It’s one reason J.J. Yeley is looking for a new ride. He tore up some great Gibbs Racing cars during his tenure with the 18 team.

Here, with a bone-headed mental lapse, he crushed Mark Martin’s chances at a Cup championship. Mark hit the wall so hard, his car went airborne.

You’ll see Mark’s crew chief — a former lineman — nearly tackle the 18 as Yeley wheeled his car to pit road. The emotion Pat Tryson displayed here is why Kurt Busch and the 2 team has been so good since Tryson came aboard as crew chief July 1.

Mark, class act that he is, emerged from the 6 car, climbed on the door, and acknowledged the fans. That gesture said two things — 1) I’m physically okay, and 2) I’ve taken tougher emotional shots than this, so don’t be disappointed for me. I’m tough. 

YouTube – NASCAR Mark Martin Wreck

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