Robby Gordon parked — because NASCAR made him misbehave?

Come on, Robby. You ignored an order to drop a few positions under caution, you refused to obey a black flag, then you punted the leader, you refused to pull off the track, and then you disrespected the recognized winner of the race.

They put me in a position to react the way I did with the call they made under caution,” Gordon said at Pocono Raceway.

NASCAR didn’t care. They never gave you the chance to continue your temper tantrum. You got parked at Pocono. It’s a wonder they even let your car in the field with another driver.

That’s the “orderly” side of me talking. The rebellious side loves the controversy. 🙂

And it’s funny that Kevin Harvick earned the Busch victory yesterday at the inaugural race in Montreal. “Happy” was the first and, until this weekend, the only driver ever parked by NASCAR.

Several years ago, Harvick and Greg Biffle got into a scuffle on pit road at Bristol. (This is hilarious!)


Later, Harvick had another altercation at Martinsville — this time, during a truck race. NASCAR parked him during the Cup race the following day.

Back to yesterday, Harvick’s gotta be grinning for several reasons — he collected the trophy and the money yesterday AND he’s no longer the only driver to have been benched by NASCAR.

Speaking of money, wonder how the points and fine will go down for Robby Gordon on Tuesday? Will it be as bad as Mikey Waltrip’s fiasco at Daytona?

Meanwhile, Tony Stewart was quiet today. He’s gotta be glad Robby’s this week’s bad boy, too. His friend Happy may actually forget about Tony roughing him up at Indy.

Ahhhhh, I LOVE the intrigue…it’s better’n rasslin. 🙂 – Robby Gordon suspended for Cup race at Pocono for misconduct in Canadian Busch race

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