NASCAR reporter reacts to Tony’s turd word…

David Poole is right on the money with his blog post today.

He points out that some folks watch shows with adult language and others don’t. Families shouldn’t be forced to say, “I won’t turn on a Sunday afternoon race because the language might be more than I care to tolerate in my home.”

I agree. Completely.

That said, I love Poole’s thoughts on those who would make a big hairy deal about a cuss word every now and again popping up on a live broadcast:

At the same time though, the hand-wringers who get all blubberfaced about one four-letter word on TV every three months are just out of their trees. If you’re worried that your child is going to be permanently warped if he hears one swear word, then don’t let him out of the house until he’s about 23.
It’s fake outrage. What goes on when something like this happens is like 5 year olds giggling when somebody says “doo-doo.” People get all indignant when 10 minutes earlier they mindlessly used the expletive part of Stewart’s word in this context: “BLANK, where’s the remote?”

Life in the Turn Lane: Curses! Overwhelmed by reaction again!

Preach on, brotha Poole. Let’s go to Pocono…

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