Tony’s expletive was a calculated "up yours" to ESPN

 Driver of the 20 Home Depot Chevy for Gibbs Racing, Tony Stewart, earned himself the expected points and monetary fine for saying bull shoot in victory lane Sunday afternoon. I posted here shortly afterward that Tony’s s bomb was a carefully calculated tactic.

Seems the rest of the story’s coming to the front today. Tony and ESPN have been feuding. Indy was the Micky Mouse Sports Network’s return to NASCAR Nextel Cup coverage and Tony’s trip to victory lane allowed him the opportunity to “welcome” ESPN back to the rough and tumble sport.

The curse spoiled ESPN’s return to NASCAR. Stewart is feuding with the network, which criticized him two weeks ago for saying he was going to drink a case of beer to celebrate his July 15 win in Chicago.

And there’s more…

He later criticized the network when asked if he would be celebrating the Indy win with another case of beer.

“I don’t want anybody from ESPN talking about how irresponsible I am, even though it’s legal to do everything I did,” he said. “Heaven forbid you actually have fun in life.”

NASCAR.COM – Stewart docked 25 points and fined for bad language – Jul 31, 2007

Git em, Tony!

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