Tony Stewart’s calculated curse

Here’s a blog I just ran across — posts are principally about media matters. The blogger is already on top of Tony’s perfectly timed turd drop. Tony knew EXACTLY what he was about to say and he knew EXACTLY what kind of furor he’d stir up.

You can thank Tony Stewart for whatever fun news or fine we get to hear about after he praised his fans for supporting him and the fact that they take all the bulls***. Expect something amusing to come out of this, perhaps a fine or something along those lines. The best part of those things is the cool, calm interviewer who just moves on to the next thing.

The Media Drop

Two wins in a row — today’s victory was the second at his home track at Indy. He’s back. Saying stuff he knows will get him a points fine (who cares — he’s in the Chase and has bonus points for wins), and a monetary fine (who cares — the publicity in mainstream media is worth more than Home Depot could ever buy, and Tony merchandise sales will skyrocket, as will sales at the big Home Depot.)

Tony’s a tub — he gave up on his workout & weight loss program — but who cares? He’s winning, making money for himself and for sponsors. Even when he cusses.

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