A tragic collection of aerial video from two TV helicopters colliding today in Phoenix…

Breitbart.tv » News Helicopter Live Reaction Seconds After Two Others Collide

TV news is getting paid poorly to do things mother told you never to do.

This is tough. Two TV helicopters collided during one of those STUPID live car chases. What a horrid, horrid way to lose four lives.

I believe in freedom of press. I also believe that responsibility is a necessity for freedom.

The sad part about this series of links is that multiple choppers were in the air — and immediately turned their live coverage from the police car chase, and to the burning wreckage of two helicopters.

An official with the Radio TV News Directors Association is quoted in an AP piece.

The TV journalism community needs to mourn its dead and then get serious about calling a moratorium on this kind of nonsense.

RTNDA, step up and establish professional guidelines for use of helicopters in live coverage.

Heck, I wouldn’t mind if the FAA places limitations on the number of helicopters allowed to occupy certain space at any given time.

It’s tragic enough that four TV employees were killed. Miraculous that bystanders weren’t killed.


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