Than with caring for wounded American service men and women?


Chief Warrant Officer Jason Forgash with the Marines H and S company recovers at National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda. (Darci Marchese/WTOP Photo)

Panel Calls for Improved Veterans Care

Wednesday July 25, 2007 11:01 PM


Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) – A presidential commission on Wednesday urged broad changes to veterans’ care that would boost benefits for family members helping the wounded, establish an easy-to-use Web site for medical records and overhaul the way disability pay is awarded.

The nine-member panel, led by former Sen. Bob Dole, R-Kan., and Donna Shalala, health and human services secretary during the Clinton administration, also recommended stronger partnerships between the Pentagon and the private sector to boost treatment for traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder…

…Dole said he planned to make sure the Bush administration implements the panel’s recommendations. “We did this because it was important,” he said. “We’re expecting somebody to follow-up on it. I’m going to be watching closely to make sure it happens [emphasis mine].

Panel Calls for Improved Veterans Care | World Latest | Guardian Unlimited

Maybe we Americans should be paying more attention to the follow-up on this issue — and then some — instead of giving a flying flip about drunken, talentless celebrities who squander money, good-will, and OUR TIME AND ENERGY.

In the Vietnam era, many veterans returned to a nation of ungrateful people.

The irony about our war on terror is that Americans appreciate the men and women in harm’s way — whether they approve of U.S. military action or not. Yet the bureaucracy of the armed services can’t seem to care for them humanely and compassionately.

Ultimately, that’s our responsibility as citizens. The upcoming election may be the first time I become a one-issue voter. Incumbents, start showing me NOW that you’re concerned about veterans care or I’m taking my ballot somewhere else in 2008.

Bob Dole is watching, and so am I.

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