A tough week for my friends at the library


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Fort Smith crime once again made national headlines. Earlier this year, FSPD generated world-wide interest when officers created a MySpace page for a slippery bank robber.

This week, a bandana-wrapped robber walked into one of Fort Smith’s gorgeous neighborhood libraries and said she had a gun. She wanted money. Wellllllll, libraries pretty much only collect cash when, um, patrons hafta pay FINES for late returns.

The ducky diaper bag didn’t make library employees feel any more comfortable about dealing with the perp. They were, understandably, shaken by the incident.

The thing is, people just don’t rob libraries. There’s no money in it. The robber got less than $20 Thursday.

Keep hanging out at your neighborhood library (unless you’re up to no good). Bring your kids to story time. One desperate, and most likely inexperienced, robber is an aberration.

Our libraries here in Fort Smith are safe, quiet havens. Cool respites in the summer heat. Places for discovery and introspection. Our library facilities are a reflection of our community.

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