What’s NASCAR for chutzpah? “Busch.” And I ain’t talkin’ beer.

Last month I weighed in on the whole Kyle Busch-gets-booted-by-Hendrick-to-make-room-for-Joonyah saga.

In what I termed an “unedited rant” I rather strongly expressed my thoughts about Kyle and his older brother, Kurt. 

I can’t possibly describe my disdain for the Busch boys, except to say they think they’re Paris Hilton in a fire suit. I got news for em. They ARE Paris Hilton in a fire suit!

So there’s the difference between real people and “them.” They WANNA be who they are — spoiled, rich, self-centered, spineless, big-mouthed, shallow people. Sadly, Kurt and Kyle are talented racers. Their heads are so big, though, they can’t finish a race without overestimating their own talents. They have no respect for drivers — or people around them. On the track and off. And they can’t seem to finish a season without getting docked points because they’ve said — or done — something STUPID. On AND off the track.

This piece from NASCAR reporter David Poole punctuates my opinion — using the drivers own words.

Kurt Busch weighed in on just how many potential suitors his younger brother might be talking with. “Penske would be stupid not to look at Kyle,” Kurt said, speaking of his own car owner, [emphasis mine] “so that talk is under way. Just as Kyle is talking with all the other race teams out there. … I would say he’s talked with 99 percent of the garages, and that (other) 1 percent is probably Roush Racing. He’s talking with everybody that he can.” That’s Racin’ | 06/30/2007 | What will it be, art of the deal or start of the race?.

Once again, I shake my head in wonder. Kurt and Kyle, audacity personified.

That’s EXACTLY who they wanna be. They’re proud of themselves and of each other. While real people shake their heads in wonder, that God in all His creation would allow such audacious beings to walk on this earth. And that He is allowing TWO of them — in the same dangerous, high profile sport — to be so successful???

They’re bright guys. Will they ever learn? Apparently not.

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